Twine: connecting sensors to the internet easily

Saw this interesting gadget call Twine on Kickstarter recently.

Twine is a durable 2.5″ square that provides WiFi connectivity, internal temperature sensor, internal accelerometer, magnetic switch, moisture sensor and a breakout board for analog or digital input. Two AAA batteries is all it need to keep it running for months. Twine comes with an easy to use web app for programming the sensors and actions. You can make Twine send you a email or Tweet when the sensor is being triggered.

This is like my geek dream come true. There’s so many things you can do with Twine. Connect the magnet sensor to the door at your house to get alerts when someone enter/exit the house. Or the motion sensor on your washing machine so that you can be alerted when it reaches the spin cycle. Or put the moisture sensor in your pet’s litter box so that it alerts you when your pet has done its business.
OK, maybe the last example isn’t a good idea. But you get the point. The possibilities are limitless. And Twine makes it very easy to program the sensor. No need to learn any programming language. Everything is in plain english.

I feel like getting a couple of Twine and convert my house into an intelligent house.
Twine is currently on Kickstarter and have exceeded their target by more than 10 times. If you are interested, head over to the Kickstarter page by 3rd Jan 2012.

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