Queen's Christmas Day Message to be on Kindle

The Queen’s Christmas Broadcasts is a long held tradition. Since 1932, a Christmas Day message has been delivered by the monarch to the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth almost every year.
The Queen’s Christmas Message will be delivered on 25 December 2011 at 3pm UK time. (11pm Singapore time) The message will be broadcast on television, radio, and over the Internet.
This year, the Queen’s Christmas Day Message will also be made available on the Amazon Kindle as a free download. It is interesting to see how the Monarchy is embracing technology.

The Kindle is the only ebook reader to get the transcript although it will also be made available on the British Monarchy’s Facebook page and website.
Besides this year’s Christmas Day Message, you can also download transcripts of every one of Elizabeth II’s Christmas Day Message since 1952.
But if reading the transcript is not your cup of tea, then head down to The Royal Channel on YouTube.

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  1. Hi Dk, glad to be the first. Yes, technology has been developed rapidly nowadays. It brings both good impacts and bad ones as well. Day by day technology make our live easier and more practical. Regarding the Christmas broadcast, my opinion is that television still used widely for the purpose, do you agree? please remind me if I’m wrong.

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