Interesting Ang Pow by local designers

Saw these interesting Ang Pow design on Camemberu’s blog. It is by a group of local designers from &plentymore. Instead of the usual red and gold Ang Pow design, they use Chinese New Year festive food as the design. Pretty creative.
There are 8 designs in total, 4 rectangular ones that include the bak kwa, kueh lapis, love letters and hei bee hiam crackers. 4 square ones that are made up of nian gao, mandarin orange, kueh baulu and pineapple tart.

Pricing is kinda steep. The Ang Pow is retailing at S$5 for a pack of eight designs. But you’ll get discount if you buy in bulk.

OK, maybe some of the older generation folks will not like this. But I’m sure the younger generation will appreciate the creativity. Time need to change. Ang Pow used to be just a red string that tie the coins together. Then someone used plain red paper to wrap the coins. As time goes by, we start seeing printed designs on Ang Pow. Who knows, maybe in the future you will see more creative Ang Pow designs like these.

You can purchase these Ang Pow on their website. But Chinese New Year is just a week away. If you are interested, maybe get it from the retail shops instead.

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  1. Wow, these seem to be pretty cool. And if you’re gonna give money, you should give money in style, so I can deeeeefinately see the appeal here!

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