Microsoft withdraw from CES

Consumer Electronics Show 2012 was the 15th and last time Microsoft is participating in the mega trade show.
I guess CES 2013 will be weird without a Microsoft keynote. It’s just like Apple withdrawing from Macworld in 2009. But I guess this move is a reflection of how information is being transmitted. Mega trade show like CES seems a little redundant for major brands as they can still easily launch their new products and services on their own. They don’t really need trade show like CES to get international media attention.
And if you notice, the major brands didn’t really announce much ground breaking new products during the recent CES. They are just showcasing some trends to expect for the rest of the year. Perhaps they are saving their wares for their own product launches.
But trade show like CES aren’t redundant completely. It is still good for startup and smaller companies to showcase their products and services.
Here’s an interesting video mashup by Microsoft from the 15 CES Keynotes. Enjoy.

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