UOB Mobile Banking App

UOB launched their Mobile Banking App last month on the iOS App Store.

For a start, the UOB Mobile Banking App allows customers to easily check the interest rate for Deposit, Foreign Exchange, Gold & Silver prices and Unit Trust. There is also a Currency Converter, Home Equity Finance Calculator, Interest Free Installment Loan Calculator and a Financial Goal Calculator.

My favorite feature on the UOB Mobile Banking App is the UOB Credit Card Promotion locator. Pretty useful for a UOB Credit Card holder. It can locate the latest promotion and nearby promotion. You can also search for promotion by keywords or category.
Besides locating UOB Credit Card Promotion, the app can also help you locate the nearest UOB ATM and Branch. You can view the nearby UOB ATM or Branch in a list, map or Augmented Reality (AR). OK, AR is pretty cool but honestly, it’s just a fancy gimmick. Good for showing off to friends when demonstrating the mobile app. But in reality, I still prefer to use the good old traditional map view to locate the nearest UOB ATM or Branch.

The most important feature on the UOB Mobile Banking App is the Online Banking portion. The Mobile App’s Online Banking portion works just as well as the Online Banking on UOB’s website. You can easily check your account balance, including your Credit Card account. You can also easily transfer funds or pay bills from the comfort of your iPhone (or iPad). This is very convenient for people like me who always forget to pay my bills until the very last minute. But like the normal internet banking, you need to add and authorize Bill Payee or Funds Transfer Payee first before you can perform these function.

One thing that sets the UOB Mobile Banking App apart from the other Mobile Banking App is the Mobile Cash feature. Mobile Cash allows you to transfer cash to anyone with a mobile phone. The recipient will get a SMS instruction on how to withdraw the money at any UOB ATM machine. Pretty neat feature. Useful if you need to transfer money to someone urgently. Actually, this feature deserves a separate blog entry by itself. I’ll blog about the Mobile Cash feature in detail soon.
As a whole, the UOB Mobile Banking App is a must have for all UOB customers who owns a iPhone. Pretty convenient now that you can do all the internet banking stuff on your iPhone. The only thing I hate about the App is the irritating animation when switching from one screen to another. Not really a big deal but I hope they’ll change it in the future updates.
Oh, and I heard that they are working on the Android version.


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