Miveu: Turn your iPhone into a POV Camera

Here is another interesting project on Kickstarter. A iPhone 4/4S harness that strap your iPhone close to your chest to capture your Personal Point Of View on video. It’s call the Miveu.

The Miveu is not just a iPhone strap. It also has a wide angle len so that you can capture broader perspective. The iPhone is protected in a ruggedized case. Miveu is not waterproof by itself. But the makers will include three protective water resistant skins for wet conditions.

Compare this with other POV camera like GoPro, the Miveu is a lot cheaper if you already have a iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. And since it is recorded on your iPhone, you can straight away edit the video and share it on your social network after recording.
The Miveu is great for recording your POV when doing sports like cycling or skateboarding. Or when you are on a roller coaster or Go Karting. You can even hold a fake gun infront of the Miveu and do a First Person Shooter video.
And for those who want to live stream your daily life, Miveu is a great solution.

OK, you might look a little silly when wearing the Miveu. But the POV videos you can get from the Miveu will make it all worthwhile.

The Miveu is currently on Kickstarter. Pledge $70 (plus $35 for international shipping) and you will get a Miveu if the funding is successful.

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