Norton Snap QR Code reader

Pop quiz. How do you know if a QR Code is safe or malicious?

Well, you don’t. Unless you mastered the art of reading a QR Code with bare eyes, you’ll need to scan the QR code with a QR scanner app on your mobile phone to find out the URL. Some QR code scanner send you to the website straight away without verifications. Other show you the URL address and ask if you want to visit the website. But what if it is a malicious website?

That’s why folks at Symantec released a QR Code scanner app call Norton Snap. Norton Snap works like your average QR code scanner. After decoding the QR Code, the app uses Norton Safe Web to check if the site is safe to visit.

Norton Snap is available on iOS and Android. Go download now. Better safe than sorry.
PS: It is safe to scan the QR Code above. It’s pointing to my blog URL.

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