Instaprint – Instant photo booth for Instagram

Remember the photo booth for Instagram? Back in September last year when I blogged about it, there is no way for us to buy/rent the Instaprint. Well, the folks behind the Instaprint are now on Kickstarter to get funding to mass produce this great party tool.
For the uninitiated, Instaprint is a location based photo printer that constantly scan Instagram for a preset location or hashtag and prints the photo automatically. Just hang the Instaprint on the wall or put it on a table and see your party guests go wild over it.

The new Instaprint also allows daisy chaining. Great if you have several hashtags at a party. Several Instaprint machine can share one power source and WIFI connection.
The only drawback is the cost of the paper. 30 sheets of paper is expected to cost around $10 – $12. While the Instaprint is going to be a hit at your party, it will also hit your wallet badly if you have a group of trigger happy guests.
But if you want to have the Instaprint at your next party, hop over to the Kickstarter page now. A $399 pledge will get you a Instaprint for your next Instagram party.

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