Phone Stacking Game

Here’s a game you might want to consider during your next dinner gathering. Especially when you are meeting a group of friends who can’t stop Facebooking, Tweeting or using their phones.

The rule is simple. Everyone put their mobile phones in the middle of the table at the start. (There’s no need to stack the phones.) Nobody is supposed to use their phone throughout the entire meal. Let the phone ring or notification alerts come in. Whoever gives in to temptation and reach out for their mobile phone will pay the bills.
It’s a pretty fun game. In the end, everyone will have a great time talking to the person at the dinner table than someone online. And it’s also fun to try to con your friend into using the phone and end up paying the bills.
Try it during your next gathering and tell me how it goes.


  1. Such a great idea! Although it is a little bit sad that we have to play games like this not to use our phones during dinner. People should respect each other a little bit more.

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