Angry Birds Space coming to Windows Phone 7

When Rovio launched Angry Birds Space few days ago, I was kinda surprised that it wasn’t available on Windows Phone 7. After all, Nokia is one of the major Windows Phone 7 makers and it seems weird for the Rovio to not support it’s fellow Finnish company.

But don’t worry Windows Phone 7 users. Angry Birds Space will eventually come to Windows Phone 7. Rovio CEO said that the company is working towards getting Angry Birds Space to Windows Phone 7. However, there is no launch date yet.
Well, at least we know it will be coming soon. But don’t hold your breath on this one. It seems like the port over will involve a total rewrite on the codes. Might take a while.
PS: I heard that Nokia shares were 0.6 percent higher after news that Angry Birds Space is coming to Windows Phone 7. Haha. That’s the power of Angry Birds.

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