Flashback Trojan on Mac OS

According to a Dr. Web, more than 600,000 Mac are infected with a trojan horse virus called “Flashback”. Most infected computers reside in the United States and Canada.

WAIT A MINUTE. MacOS trojan horse? Yes, MacOS does have virus. We knew it all along. It is just that there are more virus for Windows compared to Mac. But that doesn’t mean that MacOS is completely safe. Mac is getting more and more popular nowadays and it is no surprise that virus makers want to target this OS. And the Flashback virus is a reminder to all Mac users that the OS isn’t 100% virus free.

If you are using a Mac, it would be advisable for you to check if your Mac is infected. Mashable has a very simple script to detect if your Mac is infected. Alternatively, there are Antivirus like Norton Antivirus for Mac to protect your Mac against viruses.
But honestly, I think there is no need to panic. The MacOS architecture makes exploiting vulnerabilities difficult. Which is why you still don’t see a lot of virus and malware for MacOS…. YET.

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