Escape Chapel Party: How blind can marketers be?

Sometimes I wonder how blind and shortsighted can marketers be. Just look at the recent Escape Chapel Party that was cancelled after public outcry. You don’t need to be a Catholic to know that this is offensive to the Catholic Community. You just need common sense. I guess they don’t have any at Creative Insurgence.
In case you don’t know, the Escape Chapel Party was dance party that was supposed to be held on 7 April at CHIJMES. 7 April so happen to be the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. CHIJMES used to be a chapel and is located across the road from the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.
And I guess the biggest insult is the photos of models dress in nun’s habit and mini skirt. Do I need to explain further how this is offensive to the Catholic Community?
I always wonder how blind can marketers be. You just need a bit of common sense to see how this sort of things will crash and burn. But we keep seeing companies coming up with stupid marketing campaign. The Escape Chapel Party is not the first and I bet it will not be the last.
Please people…. use a bit of common sense.

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