Microsoft Surface Samsung SUR40 now available in Singapore

The 2nd generation Microsoft Surface, the Samsung SUR40, is now available for order in Singapore. It was supposed to be launch late last year but was delayed.

The Samsung SUR40 features a 40 inch Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) display that recongnise fingers, hands and other objects placed on the screen and supports up to 50 points of contact at one time. I’ve blogged about the Samsung SUR40 last year when Microsoft gave us a sneak peak.
But keep your wallet in your pocket first. The Samsung SUR40 isn’t a consumer product. It is more for commercial use. After all, the estimated list price for the SUR40 is US$11,960 (Display only) and US$12,590 (Display with Stand). Don’t think many people can afford that for personal use. But if you can, here’s the website for you to contact your local sales representative to place your order.
PS: I want one for my coffee table.

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