Samsung is now the top mobile phone maker in the world

We knew this day is coming. Samsung is now the top mobile phone maker in the world, overtaking Nokia who has been holding that title for the past 14 years. All hail the new king of mobile phone.

Samsung shipped 92 million mobile phone in the first quarter of 2012 while Nokia come in second place with 83 million mobile phone according to IHS iSuppli.
Apple comes in 3rd with 35 million mobile phone shipped while LG and RIM shipped 14 million and 11 million respectively. Note that the total mobile phones shipped includes featured phones. If we narrow down to just Smartphone, Apple would lead the chart follow by Samsung and Nokia.
Nokia had been the biggest mobile phone maker since 1998 when they took over the spot from Motorola. The result is not a surprise since Nokia is transiting to Windows Phone 7. Question is, will Nokia make a come back and regain the throne from Samsung in the near future?

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