Goodbye Rediffusion

30 April 2012 isn’t just the last day for Google Wave. Here in Singapore, it is also the last day for our first cable radio station, Rediffusion (丽的呼声).

I don’t really have a lot of memories of Rediffusion. I remember my grandmother was a subscriber. Back then, it is just another radio that broadcast program in dialects that I hardly understand. It was only later, through the books, when I learnt about the rich history of Rediffusion.
I guess we only have the Facebook page and some blogs/websites to remind us of its glorious past.
Goodbye Rediffusion. Thank you for the legendary storyteller like Lei Dai Sor. And thank you for entertaining our parents/grandparents.


  1. It’s sayonara, Rediffusion! So sad. I have seen this “speaker box” in my family’s neighbour’s home since the late 1950s. As a very young kid then, I had no idea about Rediffusion, but as far I remember then mainly Hokkien dialect was in the air most of the times, cos’ my neighbour was from a Hokkien family. As time went by, I heard stories in Cantonese by Lei Dai Sor and in Hokkien stories by Ong Tong “sin say.” And in the sixties, I heard English programs by Larry Lai, Tan Swee Leong, Mike Ellery, etc

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