RIM demo new on-screen keyboard on BlackBerry 10

I’m never a fan of BlackBerry’s virtual keyboard. I have a BlackBerry Torch and I hardly use the on-screen keyboard. I always slide out the physical keyboard to do my typing. Even if it is just a few letters. I always feel that BlackBerry has one of the best physical keyboard. The on-screen keyboard isn’t as good as other Mobile OS currently out there in the market. Which is why I always recommend people to get a BlackBerry with a physical keyboard. Trust me, that is one of BlackBerry’s strength.
But I guess all these are about to change when BlackBerry 10 rolls out. RIM recently demo-ed their new BlackBerry 10 on-screen keyboard at the BlackBerry World 2012. Check out the video.

Pretty impressive. Hey, if the OS is smart enough, you might be able to type an entire sentence just by sliding upwards.

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  1. It is obvious that in these days when all others are using new technologies like on screen keyboards, still there are some preferring the same old physical keyboard. Just like some teachers still prefer teaching with Marker and White board than to teach through slide presentations.

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