Scoot replace in-flight entertainment with iPad to save fuel

I’m so proud of Singapore Airlines’ budget carrier, Scoot. In a bid to save on fuel, the carrier decided to use iPad instead of the traditional in-flight entertainment system.

You might be wondering, how much fuel can that save? Well, according to Scoot, removing the old chunky in-flight entertainment system allow them to increase the seat capacity by 40 percent and lose 7 percent weight. Apparently, the in-flight entertainment system weights more than 2 tons.
Only Business class passengers were given the iPads, which is preloaded with more than 50GB of movies, TV shows and Games. Economy class passengers can rent the iPad at S$22.
This is a very smart move. After all, fuel is one of the biggest cost factor for an airline. Don’t be surprised if you see more airline following their footsteps.


  1. That is a good idea. There are travellers who simply do not use the in flight system anyway as they travel with their own laptops/ tablets.
    Only bad thing with this system is that the time required to update the iPads periodically, and the time and effort required by the flight crew to distribute and collect it.

  2. Daniel: Yeap, you are right. But I guess they won’t mind the trouble of distributing and collecting. Updating the iPad seems to be a troublesome task. Most likely need several ground staff to do it.
    Another problem is that they will most likely need to replace the iPad every few years. But I guess it will still be cheaper than the in-flight entertainment system.

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