Tim Cook will address the Mac fanboys in a few hours time

It’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and as usual, Apple will be having a Keynote on Monday 10am San Francisco time. (That’s Tuesday, 1am Singapore time) This might be the biggest announcement from Apple ever since Tim Cook took over as CEO. And as per tradition, the rumor mill are working in full force.

Apple will definitely announce the new iOS 6. iOS is due for an upgrade and it is tradition that they announce the new version at WWDC where all the developers will be attending. It is so predictable that Apple didn’t even bother to attempt to hide the banners. But iOS 6 most likely won’t be release anytime soon. We most likely need to wait a couple of months. Most likely around the same time as the next version of iPhone.
And speaking of iPhone, we will most likely not be seeing any new iPhone announcement at WWDC. Apple will most likely keep that for another keynote.
But all rumors seems suggest that Apple will announce new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro. Some rumors seems to suggest that they will come with Retina-display. There is also rumors that MacBook Pro will become as slim as MacBook Air and lose the optical disk drive. Personally, I don’t mind losing the optical drive. I hardly use mine. But I hope the MacBook Pro will still have high processing power despite being slimmer and lighter.
Apple will definitely be talking about the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion. I’m actually quite excited about Mountain Lion. Love the Notification Center and Airplay.
We will also be hearing updates on iCloud. iCloud will be interesting. It will make OS X and iOS work better together and maybe get more iOS users to hop onto Apple ecosystem by buying a MacBook Pro or iMac.
We might hear some updates on Apple TV. I doubt this will be the Apple TV that was mentioned on Steve Jobs biography. But there are rumors that Apple will be introducing an SDK for third party developers to develop apps for the new Apple TV OS.
WOW…. that’s a lot of stuff if all the rumors are true. Looks like it is going to be an amazing WWDC Keynote. There will be no live video streaming of the WWDC Keynote. But as usual, you can read the live blogs from the usual sites like Engadget, gdgt, Macrumors etc etc.
Update: We are more than 3 hours away from the start of the Keynote and the Apple Online Store is already closed for new updates. And hey, a new look. Look better than the old yellow post it pad.

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