Check if your LinkedIn password has been leaked

I hope you have changed your LinkedIn password already. If not, do change it.
There is a website to check if your LinkedIn password has been leaked. Just key in your password and it will check it against the list of 6,458,020 leaked password. Usually I won’t recommend you enter your password on a strange random website. But this website is highly recommended by several high profile and reputable blogs. So it should be safe. Besides, it doesn’t request for your user id. Just your password. And it hashed your password before sending over. So it is pretty safe.
I’ve been playing with the website by keying passwords that I think people might use. It’s pretty fun. And I can’t believe there are people who still use “password” as password.
I’m glad that my password wasn’t leaked. But just to be safe, I decided to change my password. You should too actually. Just to be safe.

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