Apple TV now available in Singapore

Now that iTunes store has arrived in Singapore, you can also buy the Apple TV from Apple Store.

The Apple TV is now retailing at S$148. It is retailing at US$99 in the US. Actually I got my Apple TV from US few months ago. After currency exchange and shipping charges, I paid S$146. So S$148 is a pretty alright price.
With the iTunes store now available in Singapore, there are more options on the Apple TV when you login to the Singapore iTunes store. But you still get less stuff compared to the US iTunes Store. You don’t get TV Shows, Netflix (which cannot be used in Singapore), NBA and NHL on the Singapore iTunes store.


  1. Movie in apple TV is less than what we see in iTunes store on our iMac. Is this common? For example, I can see Mirror Mirror on iMac but can’t see on apple tv. Why?

  2. Mactee: Hmmmm….. interesting. I didn’t notice that. Maybe some of the copyright owners doesn’t want their movies to be sold on the Apple TV and watched on TV?
    Anyway, the movie selection in our Singapore iTunes store is quite limited. Do check out the selection if you have a US iTunes account.

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