Here is a very interesting charity drive by the Organisers of NDP, LEGO and The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

For every $5 donation to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, you’ll get a pair of self-customised LEGO minifigures. One for you to keep and another one to be placed on a newly constructed Marina Bay LEGO Floating Platform. The Marina Bay LEGO Floating Platform will span an area of 12 by 9 metres, about the size of a volleyball court, and be featured at various Roadshows.

I figured that since I didn’t win any tickets to NDP2012 (again), maybe at least I can get a LEGO minifigure represent me. Haha. At least I won’t feel so bad.
For more info or to donate online, visit the NDP website now. Hurry, there’s only 25,000 LEGO minifigures available. I already gotten mine.

MapleSEA, the localized version of MapleStory, is celebrating its 7th anniversary this weekend with a carnival at Funan DigitaLife Mall. Local MapleSEA fans can articipate in thematic booth activities and challenging quests to win special prizes and premiums, or challenge others on stage through exciting games and stand to win attractive in-game credits.

The two-day celebration will also feature special sales for exclusive in-game items and sneak peeks of the much anticipated Demon Slayer class which will be launched in July 2012. There will also be an official ceremony with the developers to mark the launch of Legends and the 7th Birthday of MapleSEA. Visit the event website for more info.

If you are a MapleSEA player, be sure not to miss out the celebration.

When ICANN gives green lights to Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD), we knew that big companies will definitely apply for the gTLD of their trademark. Which is no surprise when Google announced that they have applied for several gTLD like .google and .youtube.
According to the blog article by Vint Cerf, Google Chief Internet Evangelist and one of “the fathers of the Internet”, Google has decided to submit applications for new gTLD. The gTLD falls into 4 category.
Google’s trademarks, like .google
Domains related to Google’s core business, like .docs
Domains that will improve user experience, such as .youtube, which can increase the ease with which YouTube channels and genres can be identified
Domains that are interesting and creative potential, such as .lol
It would be a challenge for Google to apply for .docs. I’m pretty sure they aren’t the only company eye-ing on that gTLD.
But the most interesting gTLD example is .lol. Is Google really going to register .lol or is this just a example? And if Google really register .lol, what will they do with it? Their April’s Fools jokes?

Creative recently announced the Sound Blaster Axx. Well, they are not sound cards. The Sound Blaster Axx is actually a line of wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Looks pretty interesting. Especially the Omni directional speaker and noise canceling microphone. But will lesser and lesser people making phone calls nowadays, I’m not sure if a lot of people want to invest on a good speaker at home.

The Creative Sound Blaster Axx comes in 3 models, ABX 8, ABX 10 and ABX 20, and cost S$129, S$199 and S$279 respectively. The Sound Blaster Axx will begin shipping from end June onwards.