One of my favorite feature on the Google Search is the calculator. I always go to when I need to use a calculator. Just type the math equation and Google returns the solution straight away. It’s very convenient since my web browser is on most of the time.
Well, Google just made the calculation feature on Google Search even more cooler. From on on, whenever you type a math equation on Google, not only will it give you the answer, it will also give you a scientific calculator in the search results.

Now don’t ask me why I need to use Google Calculator for simple sums like 1 + 1.
This feature also works on your mobile browser like iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The scientific functions won’t show up on smaller screen devices in portrait mode. They only appear when you rotate to landscape.

How do I delete the Calculator app on my iPhone since it is useless now?

Roar!!!!! Mountain Lion is here!
OK, I guess a Mountain Lion makes the roar sound… right? Anyway, Apple just released OS X Mountain Lion last night (Singapore time). The Mountain Lion upgrade cost S$25.98 in the Singapore App Store. Over in the US, it cost US$19.99.

Downloading the OS X Mountain Lion is pretty fast for me. My 100Mbps Fibre Broadband managed to download the 4.34GB in 45 minutes. Installation took slightly more than an hour.
So the first thing I do when I got Mountain Lion is to go to System Preferences under Security and Privacy to set Gatekeeper to allow running of Applications downloaded from anywhere. The default setting on Mountain Lion is to allow only App Store and identified developers. Too restrictive.
Haven’t explore much on the OS X Mountain Lion. Everything looks pretty much the same but with some added features. Oh, and I love AirPlay. I tried mirroring my MacBook Pro on my 46 inch Samsung TV via my Apple TV. Pretty shiok.

If you are planning to buy new accessories for your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you might want to reconsider. There are some rumors saying that Apple might be moving away from the existing proprietary 30 pin port connector in favor of a new 19 pin port.

The slightly smaller port will allow Apple to squeeze more things into the iPhone without increasing the size.
All these are still rumors for now. But at the rate that it is coming, it seems like there might be some truth in this. This means that all your existing iPhone, iPad and iPod accessories with the 30 pin port connector will not be compatible with future devices.
If you are planning to buy a new accessory for your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you might want to re-think about it. That expensive accessory that you are about to buy will most likely outlast your device and it will most likely not be compatible with future Apple devices.
You have been warned….

After the trial at all McDonalds in the North Zone, McDonalds Singapore announce on its Facebook page that it will begin charging for extra McNuggets sauce islandwide.

I don’t know if anyone notice but Singaporeans love their McNuggets sauce (especially Curry sauce). Any attempt to change the way we consume our McNuggets sauce may easily become a national crisis. Yeap, it seems like a crisis on McDonalds Singapore Facebook and social media now.
But are we over reacting over this? I think the allocation of McNuggets sauce is pretty reasonable.
For example, if you order 6 piece McNuggets, you get one sauce. You have the option to request for 1 more sauce without any charges. That means you get 2 sauce free if you order 6 piece McNuggets. McDonalds only charge you for the 3rd packet. Pretty fair. Who takes more than 2 packet of Curry sauce for 6 piece McNuggets?
If you do the math, you get 1 packet of sauce free for every 3 piece of McNuggets if you buy 6 or 9 piece. Or 1 packet of sauce free for every 4 pieces of McNuggets if you buy 4 or 20 piece. I think it is quite reasonable. I think most people won’t be affected by it. For those who really eat a lot of sauce when eating McNuggets, it’s just extra $0.30. And hey, taking too much McNuggets sauce might not be good for your health too.
Just calm down everyone. This is not the end of the world yet…..

If you haven’t read the controversial article by Cathryn Sloane from NextGen Journal, please take a few minutes to read it first before reading this blog article.
I don’t think that every Social Media Manager should be under 25 years old. I also read a couple of rebuttal on the article saying that a Social Media Manager should be over 25. I respectfully disagree with them too. Age should not be a deciding factor when it comes to Social Media. Social Media is still a very new industry and the tools are ever changing. A Social Media Manager should be someone who can adapt to the fast changes in the Social Media world, make sense out of them and apply them to the business. Having some background in communications, psychology and marketing does help. And you definitely need common sense. (You’ll be surprised how uncommon this common sense thing can be) And most importantly, experience. Only through trial and error will you know what works and what won’t on Social Media.
You don’t need to be under 25 to do that. Neither do you need to be above 25.
The most scary part about Social Media is that a lot of people think that it is an easy job. You see, it is easy to create a Facebook page or Twitter account. But it is never easy to manage one, especially for a big company. There are lots of analysis, planning and preparation behind the scene that most people don’t see. Which is why every now and then, we will see a major Social Media screw up. Because the company thinks that any Tom, Dick and Harry can plan and execute the company’s Social Media strategy.
Cathryn is right when she say that those who are up close and personal with the developments of Social Media over the years are the best to predict, execute and utilize Social Media. But she fail to realize that you don’t need to be under 25 to be up close and personal with Social Media. When Facebook first appear in 2004, the Social Media industry was virtually non-existence. People of all ages who joined Facebook in the early days have their fair share of super pokes and friends for sale. When they got their first Twitter account, all they Tweet about whole day is what they are doing/eating. So just because someone is already a working adult when Social Media become popular doesn’t mean that they never experience Social Media socially. Just because someone is above 25 doesn’t mean that they aren’t early adopters.
And Cathryn, if you are reading this, I just want to say that I do remember the good old days when you use SMS to send and receive Tweets. And I know a lot of people in their 30s and 40s who remember texting 40404 (or +447624801423 for those living outside US). You see, although we are in our 30s and 40s, that doesn’t mean that we joined Twitter late.
Disclaimer: These views are my own and are not representative of those of my employer.