Your internet might not work after 9 July 2012 due to DNSChanger Malware

This is a Public Service Announcement. Some of you might not be able to access the internet after 9 July 2012 (Monday) due to the DNSChanger Malware.
The DNSChanger Malware is a botnet operated by a group of Estonian that alter your Domain Name System (DNS) settings. Once your computer is infected, the malicious DNS server would redirect user to a fake website and paste their ads on the banner space. The FBI and Estonian police arrested the people behind the DNSChanger Malware late last year and have been operating the DNS server.
But they will be shutting down the DNS server on 9 July 2012 (Monday). This means that if your computer is infected with the DNSChanger Malware, you will not be able to go online after 9 July 2012. This is because your computer couldn’t find the DNS server. A website has been setup to help users to detect and remove the DNSChanger Malware.

I suggest everyone to check their computer for DNSChanger Malware before Monday. It’s very easy to check. Just go to and the website will tell you if you are infected. It won’t take you more than a minute. It will be easier to detect and remove it now since the DNS server is still operational. Once the DNS server is taken offline, it would be harder to get tools to remove the malware.
Symantec also has this free tool call Norton Power Eraser which detects and eliminates malwares like the DNSChanger Malware. Go give it a try. And tell your family and friends about it too.

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