32 year old guy having conversation with his 12 year old self via videotape

This is pretty cool. 20 years ago, a 12 year old boy recorded a video of himself interviewing his future self. Fast forward to present day, the guy found the tape and with some video editing turn it into a very interesting conversation.

I have no idea how did he managed to do this. Did he plan the script 20 years ago? Or did he record a lot of snippets of himself talking to himeself 20 years ago and choose those is relevant? Or is this a hoax? Actually I don’t even care if it is a hoax. Even if it is a hoax, this is the most creative hoax I’ve seen.
But honestly, I’m curious to find out how he managed to do this.
And speaking of interviewing your future self, if you are interested, you can always try emailing your future self. That is provided you don’t change your email address in the future.

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