CASE sets up complaint kiosk at Sim Lim Square

Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and Sim Lim Square management committee have set up a counter near the information booth on level one for shoppers to lodge their complaints to CASE.
There won’t be any staff from CASE stationed at the kiosk. Instead, there will be computers for unhappy shoppers to lodge their complaint to CASE online. The customer service officers at the information booth have been trained by CASE. This is a three month pilot programme. If effective, CASE might roll it out to other shopping malls in the future.
CASE hopes that this new programme will promote fair dealing practices at Sim Lim Square and weed out errant retailers who deceive or mislead consumers.
I thought the situation at Sim Lim Square is much better now. But according to CASE, they received 113 complaints against Sim Lim Square retailers in the first six months of this year. Compare this to 183 complaints for the whole of 2011. Well, I always tell my friends that the chinese name for Sim Lim Square is 森林商业中心. 森林 means forest in mandrin. If you don’t know your stuff, you will be entering the “Forest” as a prey.

I was at Sim Lim Square last Saturday and I notice that there wasn’t any signage informing people that they can lodge a complaint to CASE as the kiosk. (See picture. The Acer All-In-One is the kiosk that CASE setup) It would be good if there is a signage somewhere to inform people that the kiosk is for lodging complaint to CASE. I guess if you have any problem, you’ll just need to approach the customer service officers at the information booth and they will guide you along.


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