DRM bug on iOS causes apps like InstaPaper and Straits Times to crash

Apple has rolled out a fix for a bug that caused several iOS and Mac apps to crash after update. According to Apple, there is a temporary issue with a server that generate DRM code. More than 100 apps were affected. Among those were popular apps like InstaPaper, Angry Birds Space Free, Huffington and GoodReader. In Singapore, Straits Times app was also reported to be affected.
The problem started from 4 July and was resolved by Apple on 6 July 2012. Apple has also removed all one star reviews posted on the affected app during the period.
Apple advise affected users to uninstall the affected app and do a clean install. But this means that you will lose your data. According to some reports, there is no need to uninstall the app. Just go to the app store to update the app and the problem will be resolved.
Did you encounter any issue with your app?

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