Canon announce new firmware for EOS 7D

Nowadays, devices are getting so smart that even your DSLR can have firmware updates. Yeap, Canon just announced that they will be releasing a new Firmware update for EOS 7D.

The new firmware will allow the EOS 7D to capture a higher number of continuous shots before its buffer is filled. Capacity has been improved from the current RAW capacity of 15 shots to 25. User can also set the maximum ISO speed to be used in ISO Auto mode. In-camera RAW processing to save JPEG images which allow users who prefer recording RAW images to enjoy the benefits of direct printing. There is also be image rating function, JPEG resize function, Manual sound recording level function etc etc…
The new firmware will also add support for the new GP-E2 GPS receiver which was released in April 2012. With the new firmware, the EOS 7D will be able to read information from the GP-E2 GPS receiver and append images with the current location’s longitude, latitude and elevation.
The firmware will be available for download from the Canon website from August 2012.

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