tech@vogue at NEX

Midas Marketing just launched a new chain of specialty stores that focus on accessories and connectivity solutions for smartphones and tablets over the weekend. tech@vogue is located at NEX and is managed by the same team from Newstead Technologies that bought you Nubox.

The new tech@vogue Gallery boasts an extensive selection of premium accessories that enables shoppers to get the most out of their mobile devices. The accessories are catergorised under eight zones namely Blast It, Dress It, Gotta Have It, Hear It, Juice It, Link It, Perk It and Style It.

Besides the premium accessories, there is also an experience zone where shoppers can see, touch, hear and try out some of the latest tech gadgets. A number of international brands including Belkin, InCase and Just Mobile debut their first demo corners in Singapore at the new store. Some of these products aren’t even available in the market yet.

So if you are at NEX, do check out tech@vogue. The second tech@vogue Gallery will open at Marina Bay Link Mall in August 2012.

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