McDonalds Singapore charging 30 cents for extra McNuggets sauce

After the trial at all McDonalds in the North Zone, McDonalds Singapore announce on its Facebook page that it will begin charging for extra McNuggets sauce islandwide.

I don’t know if anyone notice but Singaporeans love their McNuggets sauce (especially Curry sauce). Any attempt to change the way we consume our McNuggets sauce may easily become a national crisis. Yeap, it seems like a crisis on McDonalds Singapore Facebook and social media now.
But are we over reacting over this? I think the allocation of McNuggets sauce is pretty reasonable.
For example, if you order 6 piece McNuggets, you get one sauce. You have the option to request for 1 more sauce without any charges. That means you get 2 sauce free if you order 6 piece McNuggets. McDonalds only charge you for the 3rd packet. Pretty fair. Who takes more than 2 packet of Curry sauce for 6 piece McNuggets?
If you do the math, you get 1 packet of sauce free for every 3 piece of McNuggets if you buy 6 or 9 piece. Or 1 packet of sauce free for every 4 pieces of McNuggets if you buy 4 or 20 piece. I think it is quite reasonable. I think most people won’t be affected by it. For those who really eat a lot of sauce when eating McNuggets, it’s just extra $0.30. And hey, taking too much McNuggets sauce might not be good for your health too.
Just calm down everyone. This is not the end of the world yet…..

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