Mountain Lion is here

Roar!!!!! Mountain Lion is here!
OK, I guess a Mountain Lion makes the roar sound… right? Anyway, Apple just released OS X Mountain Lion last night (Singapore time). The Mountain Lion upgrade cost S$25.98 in the Singapore App Store. Over in the US, it cost US$19.99.

Downloading the OS X Mountain Lion is pretty fast for me. My 100Mbps Fibre Broadband managed to download the 4.34GB in 45 minutes. Installation took slightly more than an hour.
So the first thing I do when I got Mountain Lion is to go to System Preferences under Security and Privacy to set Gatekeeper to allow running of Applications downloaded from anywhere. The default setting on Mountain Lion is to allow only App Store and identified developers. Too restrictive.
Haven’t explore much on the OS X Mountain Lion. Everything looks pretty much the same but with some added features. Oh, and I love AirPlay. I tried mirroring my MacBook Pro on my 46 inch Samsung TV via my Apple TV. Pretty shiok.

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