Google added a scientific calculator to its search

One of my favorite feature on the Google Search is the calculator. I always go to when I need to use a calculator. Just type the math equation and Google returns the solution straight away. It’s very convenient since my web browser is on most of the time.
Well, Google just made the calculation feature on Google Search even more cooler. From on on, whenever you type a math equation on Google, not only will it give you the answer, it will also give you a scientific calculator in the search results.

Now don’t ask me why I need to use Google Calculator for simple sums like 1 + 1.
This feature also works on your mobile browser like iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The scientific functions won’t show up on smaller screen devices in portrait mode. They only appear when you rotate to landscape.

How do I delete the Calculator app on my iPhone since it is useless now?

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