Dropbox add new security features after user info was stolen

Another day, another site got hacked. This time, it is our beloved cloud storage service, Dropbox.
Login names and passwords were reported to be stolen from a number of users. A Dropbox employee’s account was also hacked and it contained a list of clients’ email addresses which Dropbox believes led to spam. Dropbox has since added additional controls in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
Dropbox will be adding an optional two-factor authentication (2FA) in a few weeks time. The 2FA implementation will most likely be using SMS like some of the online banking sites.
Dropbox also added a new Security Tab on the website. The Tab will show you all the active login to your account. All Dropbox users should check out that Tab to see if there is any unauthorized device logging in to your Dropbox account.

Some users might receive emails from Dropbox requesting you to change your password. If you receive such emails, it is advised that you change your password by going to Dropbox’s website. Do not use the hyperlink on the email.

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