Ah Boy To Men filming at Robinson Road

While everyone is enjoying the long weekend, a war broke out at Robinson Road.

Don’t worry. It is not a real war. This is just the movie set for Director Jack Neo’s upcoming movie, Ah Boy to Men. The film is made in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of National Service in Singapore and revolves around the lives of four young men undergoing Basic Military Training (BMT).

For this part of the movie, downtown Singapore is under attack by an unnamed enemy. Two Terrex Infantry Carrier were deployed to the area. The soldiers have to dismount because of some debris ahead and soon find themselves under attack.


Man down.

Taking cover.

Under fire.



In order to film this part of the movie, a small section of Robinson Road was closed from 19 August 12 midnight to 20 August 5am. It took them 3 months in order to get all the approvals from LTA, Traffic Police, SMRT, SBS (for bus diversion), building owners etc etc. In my opinion, that is already considered pretty fast. We are not talking about some ulu road at a corner of Singapore. This is the Central Business District. Luckily there is a long weekend so that there will be minimum disruption while filming.

The crew spend the whole Sunday filming along Robinson Road. From what I understand, the whole scene only lasted 2 to 3 minutes in the movie.
It is a pretty amazing sight. The crew managed to convert Robinson Road into a war zone overnight. And they have an equally challenging task of cleaning up. But I guess most people won’t notice any difference when they return to work after the long weekend.

It is a great privilege for me to visit the movie set for Ah Boy To Men. I get to meet Director Jack Neo and see all the hard work behind the filming. Not something you get to see everyday.

Director Jack Neo teaching the actor how to “die”.

Checking out the footage.

One of the scene that will be in the movie.

A “Dead man” with umbrella under the hot sun during breaks.

One of the many extras playing dead civilians. I must say that they are very professional as “dead people”. They really play dead very well under the hot sun. At one point, I was wondering if they are still alive or die of heat stroke.

Ah Boy to Men is not going to be another Army Daze. Yes, there will be some humor in the movie but they will keep things realistic. That’s where Mindef comes in. During the shoot at Robinson road, we saw a group of NS soldiers doing the section movement from the Terrex Infantry Carrier. There is also a Warrant Officer on site to guide the actors and make sure everything is realistic. Mindef also gave Jack Neo’s team access to places like Pulau Tekong and Neo Tiew and use of real military equipments for the filming.
How often do you get to see a Terrex Infantry Carrier along Robinson Road?

A Warrant Officer making the final adjustment to one of the actor’s rifle sling.

Ah Boy To Men will be a two parts movie. The first part will be released in November 2012 and second part during the Lunar New Year period next year.


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