Will Gangnam Style become the next Macarena?

I’m sure by now everyone would have heard about the Gangnam Style song. If you haven’t, then my question to you is, where have you been for the past few weeks? It’s almost impossible to spend a day on online or outside without hearing the song.

It is a catchy song. And honestly, I quite like the live version. But I can’t help notice that we are starting to over do it. Everyday you see new videos of someone doing Gangnam Style. Everywhere you go you hear people playing Gangnam Style. Just today alone, I heard it 5 times.
This whole phenomena reminds me of a Spanish song back in 1994. Anyone remember Macarena by Los del Rio? It is a catchy song. It was very popular back in the mid 1990s. But people were over playing that song and doing the Macarena dance whenever possible. To the extend that it became quite annoying.
Let’s hope we don’t reach that stage for Gangnam Style.

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  1. Haven’t heard it before till now.
    Perhaps it’s because present day pop culture is pretty much devoid of true style and character – and especially when it is nothing more than the east making a pathetic attempt to ape the western pop culture.
    At least the blacks in the west came up with lots of their own styles. People(i.e. the ‘majority’, aka, the chinese) here frown so much on difference that all they can do is to play copycat. As for the above vid, borrrring. Thanks anyway.

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