Pandas coming to Singapore on 6 September

Jia Jia and Kai Kai, the 2 pandas on 10 years loan from China, will arrive in Singapore on 6 September 2012. The pandas were quarantined for a month in Ya’an sanctuary in Sichuan province, China.

Giant pandas Kai Kai (male) and Jia Jia (female)
The pandas will be traveling on a chartered flight sponsored by Singapore Airlines and touch down at Changi Airport at 8.20am. To ensure the pandas are comfortable during the 5 hours flight, the plane temperture will be set to the pandas’ natural habitat condition. Bamboo, fruits and water will served. (No sure if there is any inflight entertainments.) A team of Chinese zookeepers and veterinarians will accompany the 2 pandas.
After landing, the giant pandas will receive a celebratory welcome at the airport and will then be moved into a temperature-controlled truck for their journey to The Singapore Zoo. A live feed will be available at for fans to follow the journey. (The live feed will start at 8:15am)
The pandas will then be quarantined for a month before being released into their 1,225 square metres enclosure, the River Safari. Visitors can visit the pandas when the exhibit opens in December.

Singapore is the ninth country to receive giant pandas from China since 1994. There are fewer than 1600 giant pandas left in the wild.

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