iOS 6 is now available for download

Hey guys, iOS 6 is now available for download. Go get it if you are iPhone or iPad, you might want to upgrade your iOS via iTunes. The download speed is pretty fast. The file is 912.8mb although some people said they getting 760mb. Strange.

This update contains over 200 new features. Stuff like Facebook integration, Shared Photo Streams and Passbook. There are also improvements over Siri, FaceTime, Mail, Safari, Game Centre, App Store and iTunes Store. The YouTube app is no longer a default app. But don’t worry, Google has released a YouTube app in the iOS app store.
But perhaps the most noticeable change is the new Map. Apple will no longer be using Google Maps from iOS 6 onwards. Instead, it is using Maps from TomTom. Turn-by-turn navigation feature is added but we lose Street View feature. The new maps also does not provide Traffic info for Singapore. Which is strange since the Traffic information is provided by LTA. Not sure why it is not included on iOS 6 for Singapore.

So if you rely heavily on the Traffic Info, you might want to wait for Apple to add Traffic info to Singapore before upgrading (And provided that they do add the feature to Singapore). Or pray that Google will release a Google Map for iOS and Apple approves it.
Goodbye Google Maps on iOS. We’ll miss you.


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