Cybergeddon is a digital blockbuster from the creator of CSI, Anthony E. Zuiker. It follows the story of agent Chloe Jocelyn as she investigates a slew of seemingly unrelated cyberattacks with fellow agent Frank Parker and incarcerated master hacker Chase ‘Rabbit’ Rosen. Chloe and her team must crack the worldwide cybercrime ring led by Gustov Dobreff before it is too late.
Instead of premiering in cinema or TV, Cybergeddon will be made available online and will engage audience through an immersive storytelling, social media and gaming experience.
Norton by Symantec consulted directly with Anthony E. Zuiker and the projects’ creators to lend credibility and security insights into the area of cybercrime that helped inform the narrative and led to the creation of a cybersecurity character in the film. I’ve watched the first 3 episode and I must say that they are quite realistic. From virus to identity thief to hacking into a water plant. All these are possible cybercrime that we might face everyday.

Norton also advised on the accurate re-creation of the Norton Security Operations Center (NSOC), as well as the “Pandora’s Box”, a special room adjacent to the NSOC in which viruses are analyzed on a completely isolated network to ensure security. The scene featuring “Pandora’s Box” was written into the script after the writers spoke with Norton’s Kevin Haley.

Check out Cybergeddon on Yahoo!. The site also features a series of special short-films called “ZIPS” that extend the character story lines and include more than 60 minutes of additional narrative content. There is also an official Cybergeddon mobile game for iOS and Android.

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