Red Bull Flugtag Singapore 2012

Singapore held its first Red Bull Flugtag event last Sunday on sunny island Sentosa. This is the first time Red Bull Flugtag is held in South East Asia. A total of 38 teams attempted to push the boundaries of human aviation (and luck). While none of them come close to the world record distance of 69.79m set in Mainz, Germany earlier this year, the 38 team of 4 managed to entertain the 35,000 strong crowd with great showmanship and creative “flying” craft.

And since the Flugtag is held in Singapore, there are quite a number of local inspired craft. We have MRT Cabin, ERP Gantry, Chilli Crabs, Durians, Kueh Lapis and Char Siew Pows. I notice that there are 2 types of contestants: Those who are built their craft to be some what aerodynamics so that they can try to break the record and those who just want to have fun with wacky craft. Whatever it is, they are all entertaining to watch.
Check out some of the flying and crashes.

Flying Durian!!!

Chilli Crabs anyone?

MRT went down too.

A smart way to get people to clap.

We need Megazord Power NOW!!!

In the end, the first place goes to Team Super Sevens. Second and third place goes to Team Riff Raff Rubber Ruckus and Team Flurry Express respectively. The Wackiest Team Performance Award goes to The Serial Flyers. Team Amphibious Dragonfly Drone flew the furthest at a distance of 18.2m.
Sadly, the crowd favorite ERP Gantry didn’t win any prize. But hey, they got the most cheer when the team push the gantry off the platform.

I bet everyone wish they can push the ERP Gantry off the platform.
Red Bull Flugtag Singapore 2012 was a great success. Everyone had lots of fun. Looking forward to the next one.
PS: And I’m not joking when I said the event was held on sunny island Sentosa. For some unknown reason, the sun was out on full blast and I think I look like one of those Chilli Crabs now

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