Apple Lightning Port to Micro USB Adapter

I think all iPhone 5, iPad Mini and 4th Gen iPad users should get the Lightning Port to Micro USB Adapter.

Since the Lighting Port is a new standard, it is often difficult for new iOS device owners to find charger. It would be handy to have this adapter in your bag. After all, you can easily find a Micro USB charger lying around. Just plug this adapter to the Micro USB charger and you can charge your new iOS device. And since it is so small, you can easily put it inside your wallet or purse.
The only problem is that it cost S$28. Kinda expensive for a small adapter. Oh well, it’s still good to have one with you all the time until Lightning Port cable become widespread.
I’m actually surprised to see the Lighting Port to Micro USB Adapter available outside European Union. The Micro USB adapter for the old port connector was only sold in EU countries to comply with the European Union standards for smartphone chargers.

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