Android, 5 years later

Android celebrated its 5th birthday recently on 5 November. I was reading about Android when I stumble upon an article by Engadget 5 years ago regarding Nokia, Apple and Microsoft comments about Android. It is pretty entertaining to read the comments 5 years later.

Nokia/Symbian said they don’t see Android as a threat. Symbian spokesperson said they are the ones with real phone, real phone platforms and a wealth of volume built up over years. I guess they either underestimated Android or overestimated Symbian. 5 years after the launch of Android, Symbian is on its “slow” gradual end. Nokia announced that it will drop Symbian and adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 last year and Nokia isn’t doing that well.
Microsoft was a bit more on the defensive. Their spokesperson said “It really sounds that they are getting a whole bunch of people together to build a phone and that’s something we’ve been doing for five years,” True, but I guess they didn’t expect that they will have to drop the old Windows Mobile OS and work on a new mobile operating system.
Perhaps the most funny comment was from Apple. Apple spokeswoman said they had a great relationship with Google and the launch of Android doesn’t change anything. Well, actually it does. Apple has stopped using Google Map and YouTube on iOS. Relationships doesn’t seem so good with all the on going patents war between Apple and Androids makers.

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