Will.i.am launches i.am+ camera add-ons for iPhone

Guess what? Chandresekar Rathakrishnan is back! You might remember him as the person who took Mike Arrington for a ride. Or the guy who released the JooJoo, claim that their pre sale went up after Apple’s iPad announcement but in actual fact only received 90 pre orders. Or you may remember his company, Fusion Garage, unveiling the Grid OS, Grid 10 and Grid 4, went missing and eventually into liquidation.
Well, Chandra is back and is working with Will.i.am to release the i.am+ camera add-ons for iPhone.

The foto.sosho C.4 is the basic model which includes a flash module and 3 interchangeable lenses (macro, fish-eye and clear glass). It will be retailing in UK from 6 December at £199 (US$315).
The foto.sosho V.4 has a vintage look. Includes a flash module, 3 interchangeable lenses (macro, fish-eye and clear glass) and a slide out backlit QWERTY Bluetooth Keyboard. It will be retailing in UK from 6 December at £299 (US$415).

If I’m not mistaken, the Flash and Shutter button will not work with the default iPhone Camera App or 3rd party camera App like Camera+ or Instagram. You most likely need a special app to make use of the Flash and Shutter button. Both foto.sosho C.4 and foto.sosho V.4 are for iPhone 4/4S. Don’t ask me why would anyone spend US$300 to US$400 for accessories meant for older generation iPhone. And why would anyone spend so much money when you can get a lens system for as low as US$70?

Well, check out the interview Engadget did with Chandra.

Chandra keep saying that it is a fashion accessory that intersect with technology. I’m no expert in fashion here so you be the judge yourself.

Besides foto.sosho C.4 and foto.sosho V.4, the company will also be launching the foto.sosho V.5 and foto.sosho L.5 early next year. The foto.sosho V.5 and foto.sosho L.5 are meant for iPhone 5 and will come with its own 14-megapixel sensor and 5x zoom lens to provide a better image quality. There is no working prototype yet. I guess they will have to use a special camera app to work with the 14 megapixel sensor. It’s almost like attaching another camera to your iPhone.
No news on the exact release date or pricing for the foto.sosho V.5 and foto.sosho L.5. It is definitely going to cost a lot more than the foto.sosho V.4. And at that price, I might as well get a good stand alone camera.
I don’t know about you, but something tells me the foto.sosho C.4, foto.sosho V.4, foto.sosho V.5 and foto.sosho L.5 will be going the way of the CrunchPad, JooJoo, Grid 4 and Grid 10.

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  1. These look pretty cool, since it’s the first accessory i hear about that combine flash system + fisheye lens for iphone. I’m not very convinced by the look nore the price, but i guess there will be soon some equivalent product for cheaper price without goldy look or will i am signature.

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