Street Fighter X Mega Man

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mega Man (also known as Rock Man to some people) and Street Fighter, Capcom will be releasing Street Fighter X Mega Man, a free PC Game on 17 December 2012.
I know we’ve seen Street Fighter and Mega Man appearing together in the Marvel vs Capcom series. But this is different. This is Street Fighter characters appearing in Mega Man world. TOTALLY AWESOME!

The game will feature Mega Man and 8 Street Fighter themed levels and bosses in the classic Mega Man look and feel 8-bit world. The game also comes with 8-bit soundtrack using Street Fighter and Mega Man tunes blended together.
And best of all, this is a collaboration between Capcom and a Singaporean fan, Seow Zong Hui. Pretty impressive. Can’t wait till 17 December!!!

So head down to Capcom Unity website on 17 December to download the free game. Only available on PC. Mac OS users have 1 week to buy a new PC or install windows on their Mac.

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