Ahhh… Today is 12.12.12. A repeating date. And not just any repeating date. This is the last repeating date for the century. The next repeating date will occur in year 2101. Most of us are not going to live another 89 years so this should be the last repeating date in our lifetime.
Anyway, I’m just scheduling this post at 12:12pm to remember this special moment. And hey, if the Mayans are correct, then the world will end on 21 December 2012 and this will be the last repeating date in the world.
But don’t worry. I don’t think the Mayans predicted the end of the world. I keep telling people that it is most like a “Y2K” bug. Whoever created the calendar thought that civilization will never live that long so he didn’t continue the calendar after it end. So don’t panic and watch the movie 2012 on 21 Dec. Haha.
On a not so related note, 12 Dec 2012 is my ORD 10th anniversary. Wow, time really flies.

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