Instagram disabled photo integration with Twitter

I know Instagram founder Kevin Systrom made the announcement last week during Le Web that Instagram will stop showing photos within Twitter stream in favor of directing users to Instagram’s website. But it seems like the whole thing only become effective this week.

So yes, in case you haven’t notice, you can no longer view Instagram photos directly on In order to see the Instagram photo, you will need to click on the link to go to Instagram website to view it. It’s a sad day for all Twitter and Instagram users. To be honest, this move is really a pain in the ass. I keep forgetting that Instagram has disabled the photo integration. So I keep clicking on a Instagram tweet and wait a few seconds before I remember that the feature is no longer available.
Actually, I’ve been using Instagram lately because of the Twitter and Facebook integration. Now that the Twitter integration has been disabled, I’m thinking maybe I’ll go back to using Twitter to post my photos on the move. Besides, Twitter is rolling out their own version of photo filters soon and the best part is that the photos don’t need to be square.

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