Street Fighter X Mega Man now available for download

Today is Mega Man’s 25th 25th anniversary. To celebration this occasion, Capcom collaborate with Singaporean Fan, Seow Zong Hui, to release a new Mega Man game for PC. Street Fighter X Mega Man is now available for free download at Capcom website. The “8 bit game” is just 33.8 MB in file size. Only available for Windows.

The game is very well written with the retro look and feel. Reminds me of the good old days of playing Mega Man II on my 8 bit TV console. And thanks Capcom for reminding me that I’m quite bad at this game. Haha.

Happy 25th Birthday Mega Man. By the way, I found the Mega Man II intro on YouTube. Still remember the music till this day.

Hmmmm…. according to the intro, Mega Man is created in 200X. It’s 2012 now. So where is Mega Man? Haha.

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