Gangnam Style hit 1 billion views on YouTube

The world didn’t end today. But PSY’s Gangnam Style became the first video on YouTube to hit 1 billion views.
OK, I know if you go to YouTube now, it says 999,885,235 views. But the counter has been stuck for quite some time. According to a website that is estimating the view counts, Gangnam Style should have crossed the 1 billion views by now.

1 billion views….. that’s more than 2,928,240 days was spend on the video.

There is actually a fake Nostradamus prediction saying that the world will end when Gangnam Style reaches 1 billion views.

From the calm morning, the end will come when of the dancing horse the number of circles will be nine

But if you are still reading this blog entry, you will know that the world didn’t end.
Maybe the Mayans calendar wasn’t predicting the end of the world. Maybe they are counting down to Gangnam Style hitting 1 billion views.
Whatever it is, congrats to PSY for being the first person to cross the 1 billion views on YouTube.
Update: It’s official. Gangnam Style has crossed the 1 billion mark.


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