Smoothie King open first outlet in Singapore

A new king is here on this sunny island. Smoothie King, the world’s original, nutritious, great tasting smoothie open its first outlet in Singapore at The Centrepoint on 12 December 2012.

Established in 1973, Smoothie King currently has over 700 stores across US, South Korea and other countries. The company plans to open between 25 to 30 stores in Singapore over the next 3 years.

Smoothie King serves 27 different type of smoothies in Singapore and can be customised and enhanced according to your preferences. There are 3 categories of smoothies – Refreshing, Slim & Lite and Nutritious Meals. A 12 ounce (354ml) smoothie is less than 250 calories for those keeping count. You can also add Enhancers such as Antioxidant, Diet Down, Energy, Fibre, Multi Vitamin, Muscle Builder, Probiotic, or Collagen to your smoothie for an additional dollar.

The most popular smoothie in US is the Angel Food. Personally, I prefer the Strawberry X-Treme.
Besides smoothie, Smoothie King also offers a wide range of freshly made healthy wraps, soft tacos and salads. I’ve tried the Fresh Teriyaki Chicken Breast Wrap and Citrus Walnut Salad and I must say that I love it. If health food can taste so good, I don’t mind eating them everyday.

Smoothie King is now open at The Centrepoint. Go check it out.

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