DK’s Tech prediction for 2012 – Full-time score

2012 is coming to an end soon. As usual, it is time to look at my Tech prediction for 2012. This year’s prediction is really bad. I think I got most of my predictions wrong.
Facebook IPO in first half of 2012
Bullseye! Facebook went public on 18 May 2012. Actually this is pretty easy to guess. What we did not predict is that the stock price wasn’t performing in 2012.
Oh well, maybe it will in 2013.
2012 will be the year of the Smart TV
We didn’t see much happening in the Smart TV market. I’m actually kinda surprised. But at least I was right when I say we most likely won’t see the Apple TV that was mentioned in the Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs book.
Rise of the Ultrabooks
Nope, Ultrabook didn’t become as popular as Netbook in the 2008/09. Looking back, I’m wondering why did I make this prediction? We knew that Windows 8 is going to be launched in 2012. The PC market is usually slightly quieter just before a major launch of Windows. Why would Ultrabooks be selling like hotcakes this year? Dumb DK!
Rise of Windows Phone 7
Another wrong prediction. Windows Phone 7 and 8 didn’t gain much popularity. Which is kinda disappointing to me. This is the 2nd year that I predict that Windows Phone will become popular. Seems like it is not happening.
Nokia to release a Windows 8 tablet
This is another prediction that caught me by surprise. I thought this is a sure win prediction. But unfortunately Nokia didn’t release a Windows 8 tablet. We do see a lot of interesting Windows 8 tablet this year by PC makers.
Oh, and there is rumor that Nokia will be releasing a Window 8 tablet in 2013. Maybe I’m just 1 year early.
Amazon to adopt WebOS for Kindle
Wrong prediction. Actually, this is just wishful thinking on my side as a Palm fanboy. It seems like WebOS is going nowhere. Damn you Leo Apotheker! Damn you.
Google continue to focus on social
Hmmm….. yes Google did continue to focus on social. Google Plus is not winning the world over yet but it is doing fine with a slowly growing community. But Google Doc, Google Maps and Google Reader did not tied closely with Google Plus as what I predicted. And this year is not the make or break year for Google Plus. Google Plus is still in the game but seems like they are taking things easy for now.
Touchscreen iMac
Nope, there is no touchscreen iMac although there are several all-in-one PC with touchscreen running Windows 8 now. Instead of a touchscreen iMac, Apple released a new super slim iMac.
By the way, the new iMac looks more impressive on video and website. I saw it few days ago at EpiCentre and I wasn’t wowed by it. I would rather Apple keep the original iMac form factor (which I love) and keep the optical drive.
Voice recognition hype to fade away
This is a bit hard to judge. I do think that voice recognition hype had faded away. There are still new phones with voice recognition capabilities but that is not their main selling point.
On a side note, if you have an Android phone running Ice Cream Sandwich, do check out Google Now. It’s pretty good. But the selling point is not the voice recognition. It is the ability to learn what is important to you and give you that information when you need it.
Major mobile OS malware/virus
Luckily this didn’t happen. But honestly, I think it is just a matter of time.
Slow global NFC take up rate
Correct. The global NFC take up rate is slow. We do see some interesting phones like Samsung GALAXY S3 with NFC. But we don’t see much uses for NFC, especially in payment. NFC is going to take a few more years to really pick up. Hopefully with more devices supporting NFC, we will start to see more services.
Slow LTE take up rate in Singapore
I’m actually surprised that this prediction is wrong too. OK, I predicted that the next iPhone will not have LTE. I was wrong. iPhone 5 has LTE. I also predicted that the 3 Telco won’t be able to cover the entire Singapore with LTE network. I was wrong again. M1 did managed to cover whole of Singapore with LTE. SingTel covered 80% while Starhub only cover CBD, Changi Airport and Expo.
Although I don’t have the figures, I don’t think LTE take up rate in Singapore is slow. Maybe just medium speed.
Creative Technology gets acquired
Nope, that did not happen.
No Doomsday on 21 December 2012
Enough said…
Wow, I’m really bad at Tech predictions. Don’t tell others that I’m a tech blogger. So malu.
Disclaimer: These predictions are my own views and not representative of those of my employer.

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