SAR-21 by Singapore Technologies

It is not everyday that you get to see a non-Singaporean holding the SAR-21 (Singapore Assault Rifle – 21st Century). The SAR-21, for the uninitiated, is a rifle designed and manufactured in Singapore and used by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) since 1999 to replace the M16.

Don’t worry. I don’t think any NSF lost his rifle. According to the SAR-21 Wiki page, the rifle is sold in some countries for domestic use.
But I must say that this video changed my impression of the SAR-21. We were still using the M16 when I got enlisted. We only started using the SAR21 towards the end of my NSF and I’ve been using the SAR-21 throughout my entire ICT. Personally, I still prefer the M16 for its weight and handling. But after watching the video, I begin to appreciate the SAR-21 a bit more.

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