Did Google delete Xiaxue blog by accident?

If you visit Xiaxue’s blog now, you will notice that it has been deleted.
According to Wendy’s Tweet, it might be a technical glitch and Blogger deleted the blog thinking that it is a spam page. The site has been down for almost 24 hours.
Not sure how did Google/Blogger make such an error. Everyone in this region know Xiaxue.blogspot.com is a very popular blog. The site has been with Blogger for the longest time. How could it be a spam?
And unfortunately, getting Google/Blogger to restore the site is going to be quite troublesome and will take some time. (if she can get it back) Let’s hope Wendy get this sorted out with Google fast. All this downtime is going to affect her ads income.
Maybe she might also want to consider hosting her blog in the future so that it won’t be subjected to deletion like this.
Update 1: It seems like the blog might have been taken down by Blogger’s malware detection system.
Update 2 (20 Jan, 5pm): Visiting Xiaxue’s blog now show a sign that says “This blog is in violation of Blogger’s Terms of Service and is open to authors only”. I wonder what is happening.
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